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Thirty Magical Fitness Tips


Willow Rockwell

So i first mentioned Multiple Sagittarius World Champ Trail bike Rider, self-proclaimed Jaguar, mother (it’s a Shamanic thing)  & Mega Mystic subscriber Willow Rockwell here, when she reviewed some  super googoo witchy drops. Now she is blazing a new path for herself as sort of a super athletic modern witch and has volunteered her top ten fitness/nutrition tips. They have a magical edge, of course.

“Much of this is from my own research on myself, as well as studying fellow athletes charts in relation to their body composition and performance at any given time.”


Source: Mystic Medusa


1)    Check out your rising sign. I often find that a person’s rising sign influences the body’s disposition as well as physical appearance.  Certain types of exercise are more beneficial to certain body “types”.  Fire rising for example can pretty much out cardio anyone else.  Water rising signs need more yoga and meditative exercises such as hikes in nature etc.  Planets conjunct the ASC are equally important to take into consideration as they change the nature of the rising sign considerably.


2)    Transits to the ascendant and the progressed rising sign are equally important in determining the correct method of exercise and lifestyle for THE NOW.  For example, in the past few years Neptune not only crossed over my Piscean ascendant, but my progressed ascendant changed from Aries, the amazon warrior woman, into Taurus the earth mother goddess.  These two astrological factors literally made it impossible for me to be the heroic warrior anymore.  I retired from cycling to care for my newborn daughter and have been practicing being more Neptunian and also more goddess like.  This has been THE biggest body transformation of my life, and it has all been extremely important for me to not struggle against it, but rather go with the energy that is now being transmitted to my body.


3)    I think it is very important to not force your body into some kind of “mold”. Yin rising signs are especially prone to having that kind of discipline backfire and then their bodies hold more stress, which equals more weight. I know Demi Moore is going through a tough time right now, but I do like her, and I know she is Pisces rising.  I heard an interview where she said that she finally came to have the ideal body she had always wanted by quitting the extreme exercise and diet programs and just LISTENING to her BODY.  Not a guru or trainer outside of the self, but the BODY.  I  always say that “my body is my guru and my pussy is my psychic”.  Neither will ever lie to you!!


4)    Check out Mars.  Mars in Yang signs have a quicker metabolism and a need to “burn” off steam. Yin Mars signs have a slower metabolism and tend to hold onto stress.  This requires a fine balance between release stress through exercise but not increasing cortisol levels through doing too much.  As I mentioned before, the body will go into fight or flight and then the weight will stay on to get you through the “troubled times!”


5)    It is very important to actually choose exercise that feels good to you while you do it. No amount of exercise that you hate doing is going to bring you the results you want!  Your body doesn’t lie, and if it hates doing what you are forcing it to do you will end up paying the price: either through injury, a foul mood or metabolic confusion.


6)    Switch it up.  Rotate the things you love doing so your body is always a bit surprised: I alternate :30 minute trail runs with warm Vinyasa flow yoga, Tracy Anderson DVDs, walks and Pilates.  If I had a Barry’s Bootcamp around I would do that too!


7)    Diet: Organic Coconut oil is the real deal.  It balances cholesterol levels and gives a good long burning fuel.  It really does help you lose weight!  They discovered this after feeding it to pigs to help fatten them up but all the pigs lost weight!


8)    1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar before meals will help kick start your metabolism.


9)    Cinnamon is a great spice to add to anything.  Metabolism booster yet again!


10)Ayurvedic diet principles.  I highly recommend seeing an Ayurvedic Practioner to determine your Dosha and to help you with a specific diet plan. Many of the Ayurvedic principles correlate with the changing of the seasons and the incredible stress these times of year put on our bodies.


11)Don’t do fads: Raw foods, juice fasts etc.  Many of us are too sensitive to digest that much raw food and you will just end up bloated and gassy. Here again is why I feel that a specific Ayurvedic plan just for you is highly beneficial.  Spices, herbs and types of food are recommended according to your pulses and if you are deficient or over-active in certain organs of the body.  There is a pulse for each organ and a skilled practitioner can help balance you out in as little as one session.


12)Adaptogens.  Nature’s anti-stress helpers.  Stress makes you fat. Period!  No matter if it is coming from your job or over-exercising.  Holy Basil Teas, certain mushrooms, Maca Maca and many other herbs are great for maintaining balance.  I love acupuncture for this reason as well.


13) If you tolerate mushrooms, a room temperature Kombucha  tea (the sparkly kind in a bottle) will suppress your appetite and support your digestion.  Drink on an empty stomach.


14)Infrared Biomat.  Okay this is expensive, but it is a health life-saver.  It is an infrared mat full of amethyst crystals and tourmaline crystals in the pillow.  The heat wards off all kinds of infections and also increases your metabolism. I use this as my doctor for the most part!  Perfect for listening to Binary beats!


15)Fish oil.  For anti-inflammatory properties. So much excess “weight” is really inflammation”


16)No coffee. Green tea or chai tea.


17)Cacao is magic, especially when combined with Maca Maca.


18)Red wine in limited qualities is also a gift from the earth mother!


19)No gluten, even if not allergic. has great gluten free and Paleo recipes.


20)Remember that today is not the last day you will ever eat again.  You can always have some more tomorrow!


21)Kate Moss quote “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”  or something like that….I replace thin with healthy and I think it is actually quite an accurate quote!


22)I don’t eat cow dairy but I find that goat and sheep products are amazing and satisfying.  Especially manchego cheese!


23)Identify what you love and find healthy ways to incorporate it into your diet.


24)Natural Calm at night…it is a fizzy magnesium powder that helps you sleep and improves elimination.


25)5000 mg Vitamin D. Seriously helps your mood! Happy people are healthier!


26)Bach Rescue Remedy spray. I mean, it is the Zap Zone! We need all the help we can get!


27)Citrine crystals help get rid of cellulite. You can buy a tiny one and wear it in your bra. This really works. I love crystals in case you can’t tell!


28)Dry brushing. Yes, the models all do it!


29)Make sure your water is filtered. The water you drink and the water you shower with!


30)SLEEP!!! Melatonin 1mg will get you there if stress is keeping you awake. I believe that sleep is our best friend, now more than ever!

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