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line A great deal of people's physical and mental diseases are due to the lack of love and attention. Each of us carries a lot of sorrow and pain from past experiences. These sorrows create many wounds within. Each of us is going around, afflicted with hundreds of such festering and infected wounds. The cure for these maladies is to develop love, compassion, and reverence for our fellow beings. This will heal the wounds. Love is the universal remedy. When there is mutual love, attention, and understanding in life; when we have faith in each other, our problems and worries decrease. And when this love, attention, and faith increases, problems will thereby decrease. Love is the foundation of a happy life. But we are ignorant of this fact. We knowingly or unknowingly are neglecting this. Just like our bodies need proper food to live and grow, our soul needs love to grow properly. Pure love can give more vigor and strength than the mother's milk. We all live for and crave this love. We are born for this and we die in search of this love. By loving each other, children, become united in Love. --- Amma"

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