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Five Poses for Vata — Autumn Time of Year


Autumn is vata time of year. The drying wind brings the promise of cooler temperatures and might leave you feeling anxious, dehydrated, disorganized and disconnected.

Yoga for this time of year should be warming and grounding. It should focus on building strength, heat and connection in a way that isn’t too stimulating or dynamic. Try these five poses!


1. Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

Love this pose for bringing me back down to earth. This one releases the back and opens the hips (both areas where vata energy likes to hang out). Bending the knees slightly, rooting through the feet and focusing on creating a sensation of heaviness and stillness is great way to boost the vata-reducing qualities of this pose.


2. Triangle (Trikonasana)

There are so many ways to do this pose. The best way for vata time of year is to focus on the energy in your feet and legs. Ground the pose by intensifying your connection with the earth. Take a half or full bind if that’s available to you and turn your focus inward to create a sensation of warming stillness.


3. Hero Pose (Vajrasana)

It’s impossible to feel flighty in this pose (if you do, put something under your hips to stabilize them and take the pressure off the knees). If the sensation in the hips isn’t enough to bring your focus to your body, then the deep, penetrating stretch to the knees and front of the legs will do the trick. Either way it’ll warm you up and settle you down the way a good vata season pose should.


4. Downward Dog (Adhomukha Svanasana)

To me this pose feels like home. It’s a great pose for vata time. It’s all about strengthening, opening and creating a refuge from the agitation (of life or even the rest of the yoga practice). Add to it a full, balanced, warming breath and you’ve got yoga’s version of comfort food. Child’s pose is also a suitable alternative.


5. Warrior II – (Virabhadrasana B)

Ready to feel strong, centered and connected? This is your pose. For my money it’s one of the few poses that never feels awkward or unsure (pretty much no matter how you do it). Kicking up the stability factor in this pose is just a matter of grounding through the feet and creating a sense of balanced heaviness from the hips down. Add that warming breath and you’re sorted!


Source: DoYouYoga


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