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Overcome Procrastination with Buddhist Mindfulness


3 step process to deal with procrastination:

Before your next meditation session, take a few minutes to prepare yourself to address your procrastination.

Calm your mind through slow, conscious breathing.

Take 10 deep slow breaths (breath in and observe the sensation of your inhale, breath out as slowly and consciously as you can.) After the 10 breaths, you should notice less tension and a sense of spaciousness in your mind.

Observe your thoughts and emotions about procrastination

Now, you have a calm mind, but you might still have thoughts and emotions causing procrastination. Become a neutral observer and note all the thoughts and emotions. Do not attach to them. Just notice them without condemning them as if they were clouds passing overhead. Smile softly to let your mind know that you are now in charge.

Strengthen your motivation and resolve to overcome procrastination

As you become mindful of your thoughts and emotions by simply noticing them, you are now ready for the 3rd step.
Take a few minutes to visualize the benefits of Buddhist meditation and bring the reason why you meditate into your mind.

After finishing the 3 steps, begin Buddhist meditation as scheduled.

Try to see procrastination not as a “problem” but as a great teacher to help you understand your mind/body phenomena. Embrace it as another opportunity to have moment-by-moment mindfulness and to change your behavior. Even Buddha recognized the very human tendency to procrastinate.

“We must be diligent today. To wait until tomorrow is too late. Death comes unexpectedly. How can we bargain with it?” ~ The Buddha”

Share your experiences of overcoming procrastination or challenges you encounter in the comments below.

With loving-kindness,
Spencer, a.k.a. the Urban Monk

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